Multimillion Dollar Judgment against Towing Company and Property Owners

In a case involving more than 25,000 individuals who were towed by G&G Gulf, Inc. (“Gulf”), the circuit court for Montgomery County, Maryland entered a $22 Million judgment against Gulf for its aggressive private property towing practices. This judgment, which G&G agreed to pay only $335,000 of, was later modified to include all parking lot owners, managers, and agents who entered into contract with Gulf for the provision of trespass towing services that resulted in vehicles being towed between April 16, 2012 and January 7, 2016. More about this case may be found in the links below:

Towing Defense Class Action

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While not from Texas, this case illustrates the massive liability exposure that exists for both towing companies and property owners. It also drives home the an important fact – diligence is absolutely required in performing private property towing operations.