VSF Insurance Disputes

If you are having trouble getting paid for a wreck you worked, or if you are simply only being paid part of what you are owed for the work you performed, you are not alone. Insurance companies do not pay quickly. Sometimes, they don’t pay at all, even when a claim is valid and timely submitted.  Many times, we find that insurance companies will simply try to make the collection process so difficult that folks who have performed honest work will simply give up rather than waste endless hours trying to navigate the bureaucracy of insurance claims. Insurance carriers across the state have become more and more resistant to paying for the expensive and time-consuming work that is performed in the towing and recovery industry.

Our attorneys can work with you to work to get insurance companies to pay their fair share. You did the work, you should get paid for it. We work with towing and recovery professionals to ensure that they are paid fairly for honest work performed at the scene of an accident. We also fight for every dollar that is owed to you, including towing, recovery, and storage.  Our experience in this area includes:

  • Incident Management Tow Collections
  • Incident Management Recovery Collections
  • Incident Management Abandoned Vehicle Collections
  • Incident Management Vehicle Storage Collections
  • Abandoned Tractor / Abandoned Trailer Disputes
  • “Sent the Title” Disputes
  • “Consent Storage” Disputes
  • Subrogation and Allocation of Claims
  • Liability Insurance Claims
  • Cargo Insurance Claims
  • Trailer Insurance Claims
  • Owner/Operator versus Carrier Claims