VSF Collections

Your bottom line is important – and Texas Vehicle Storage Facilities are finding that it is more and more difficult to get paid for incident management towing and storage services.  Insurance companies frequently engage in “slow-pay” or “no-pay” tactics that are designed to get vehicle storage facilities to take less than the fair value of their services just to get paid.

In our experience, this behavior is most frequently found in large tractor-trailer wrecks where significant work is required on the part of the towing company and storage company.  Insurance companies or their adjusters will claim that extremely low policy limits limit the claim amount and that other policies or the owner-operator is responsible for payment.  The Walters Firm can help your VSF deal with insurance companies, carriers, and adjusters who try to lowball your fees.  We will work with those companies that are reasonable and we can file suit to collect you are owed by those who choose to be unreasonable in their practices.

Incident management towing and storage is a dangerous and difficult profession. We believe that honest work deserves fair compensation, and we will fight for every dollar that your vehicle storage facility is owed.  Call us today to find out about our flexible payment options and contingent collection fee structures.