Administrative Litigation

Administrative law is the law governing the organization and operation of administrative agencies and the relations of administrative agencies with the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, and the public. Sometimes the acts of administrative agencies wrongfully interfere with a licensed professional’s practice.  Other times, administrative agencies will inform licensed professionals that they have stepped outside of the laws or regulations governing their occupations and seek to impose fines or penalties on those professionals.

In our practice, we frequently deal with the interaction between administrative agencies and licensed professionals.  This includes responding to and defending allegations of misconduct or noncompliance with professional licensing statutes and occupational regulations. We work with administrative agencies such as the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, the Texas Department of Insurance, the Texas Dental Board, the Texas Board of Nursing, and the Texas State Board of Pharmacy in order to respond to and deal with alleged administrative violations.

Administrative litigation is quite different from traditional civil litigation. It involves different rules, different timetables, different remedies, and a multitude of interrelated statutes.  The professionals at The Walters Firm are experienced in dealing with contested cases from their onset to trial. We regularly work with administrative agencies in order to settle out cases that are capable of being negotiated and, on the rest, moving towards a formal trial before the State Office of Administrative Hearings.  Administrative litigation is quite different from traditional civil litigation.